Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this is probably not ok...

I'm sitting at my desk and working on the mounds of paperwork I have in front of me but I am distracted by this not so enticing smell...it's actually making me nauseous! The culprit you may ask...the afternoon cookies we bake for our guests they receive at check-in. I know...I must be crazy, right?!?!? Most people love the smell of fresh baked goods but apparently I am not most people today or yesterday...this started yesterday and I really just thought it was a random thing.

Excuse me....

Ok, reasoning behind the rancid smell...they changed cookie type and apparently pb chocolate chip cookies smell like butt to me! Note to self...do not make these!


Jonathan said...

not a fan of the PB cookies either... ugh. the only cookies i'd kick out of bed!

Anonymous said...


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